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Welcome to Nine Mile Guest Ranch!

Here's a preview of what you can expect on a visit to one of the easiest-to-find havens Northwest Colorado has to offer. You can be assured we will do everything to make your experience memorable.

Nine Mile Guest Ranch offers guided archery and rifle elk hunting, mule deer hunting, trophy whitetail deer and combination deer/elk hunts. Rocky Pappas is a Colorado native and has been hunting big game for over 40 years. His excellence as a hunter is complemented by his expertise in game habitat development and management, resulting in a great hunting experience for you.

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Nine Mile can offer you a truly one-of-a kind hunting experience. Your hunt may be at the main ranch or at one of several other leases, depending on the type of hunt you want and the season you hunt. All properties have been chosen and leased because of their game and habitat. The diverse terrain allows us to accommodate many levels of hunters and their specific needs. Guides at Nine Mile are skilled hunters themselves, and well acquainted with the properties we hunt. Their love of the outdoors and of hunting is evident in their enthusiasm and the personal service they provide each hunter. Our guide-to-hunter ratio is 1:2, and safe hunting is a priority for each and every guide.

The main ranch for Nine Mile Guest Ranch is located 9 miles north of Meeker, Colorado, on State Highway 13, just about midway between Interstate 70 (49 miles south) and Highway 40 (40 miles north). The South Camp is also on Highway 13, about 6 miles south of Meeker. All properties are at elevations of 7,000 feet up to about 8,500 feet. The vegetation includes native grasses, brush and berry bushes, quaking aspen trees in the higher elevations, and an abundant variety of wildflowers. Wildlife native to the area include, mule deer, elk, bald and golden eagles, badgers and coyotes and many bird species. Other wildlife, such as prairie dogs, blue heron, killdeer, and even more birds can be seen during the warmer months.

Beautiful sunset on the ranch!   2009 John R Klug
*Sunset photo in header also 2009 John R Klug

Dick - 2010 Whitetail Deer

Pat - 2009 Mule Deer
Dave - 2009 Bull Elk

Nine Mile Guest Ranch
Rocky & Sparky Pappas
Travis Flaharty
50735 Highway 13   -   Meeker, Colorado 81641
Phone: 970.878.4656     Fax: 970.878.3432
Colorado License #2321 - Licensed, Bonded & Insured

All or part of this operation is conducted on Public Lands under special permit from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

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