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Cory Ruchti  

Cory Ruchti is a Meeker native (of several generations) who started guiding with Nine Mile in 2006, becoming a full-time guide for RTS Hunting in 2014. Cory has hunted his whole life, hunting with his mom and dad and friends. Whether it’s a varmint, big game, or a predator, Cory is the consummate hunter.

Cory is more quiet than outspoken in all situations, quietly observing and getting to know his hunters, the prey, the landscape – all contributing to his success both as a hunter for himself and as a guide for the new or seasoned hunter. One of his other strengths is his strength. His physical strength and stamina are incredible. When it’s time to pack out an animal, Cory loads up and makes tracks to camp.

In his spare time, Cory likes to hunt. He has lion dogs and in the winter enjoys working with them, letting them find and tree a lion. In the spring he enjoys varmint hunting, and any time of the year, calling coyotes is a favorite activity.

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