Nine Mile Guest Ranch

George Rienau  

George Rienau is a fixture at Nine Mile. He has lived “next door” where his grandparents homesteaded for most of his life and has been helping out with the hunting since early on (2000). He is a born hunter and “animal whisperer.” If you go hunting with George, there’s a very good chance you’ll go on a big hike. George is keenly aware of the animal behaviors and habits and will point them out to the observant hunter.

When he’s not guiding, George tends his herd of red angus cows, makes hay for those same cows, and helps family, friends and neighbors throughout the community. He’s an excellent equipment operator and mechanic and is great at fine-tuning rifles (so is a quasi-gunsmith). His time in Vietnam and his jobs working construction projects around the state have given him a wisdom that is fitting with his lifestyle.

Nine Mile Guest Ranch
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