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Mike Tate  

Mike Tate  has been working with RTS Hunting since 2014. He is a farrier (horse shoer) in the off season, but he is a hunter at heart. He started hunting with his dad, who was a big elk hunter, when he was in grade school. Mike got his first .22 at age 12 and started hunting rabbits on his own from then on. Of course, rabbit hunting has become hunting many other animals (the favorite being sheep and goats in the high mountains) in many different places, including Africa and New Zealand.

Mike offers a recipe for Deep-fried Wild Turkey Strips: Cut wild turkey into ¼-inch strips, dip in mild-egg mixture, dredge in Shore Lunch and deep-fry in hot oil.

His advice to hunters seeking information about what kind of gun to shoot is to hunt with a rifle you’re comfortable with and shoot well, but be aware of the importance of shot placement.

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