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Travis Flaharty  

Travis Flaharty grew up in the mountains of central Pennsylvania hunting and fishing from an early age, following a family tradition of being an “outdoorsman.” Travis’s pursuit of fish and game has taken him to many places including at least 15 states and several Canadian Provinces but it wasn't until he hunted with Nine Mile Guest Ranch in Colorado in 1999. that he found his true calling: ELK! Soon after his first encounter he decided to make his passion his livelihood and moved to Meeker, Colorado, to pursue a career as a big game hunting guide.

His life experiences as an avid hunter and fisherman, his knowledge of agriculture and livestock from growing up in a “Farming Family,” and his business skills from working for Lanier Worldwide as a Customer Service Rep / Team Leader for 12 years have all served him well in the Outfitting/Ranching Business. After working for Rocky and Sparky Pappas for 12 years as a guide and ranch hand at Nine Mile Guest Ranch Travis partnered with Rocky and Sparky as co-owner and managing partner of RTS Hunting LLC. (the Ranching for Wildlife portion of Nine Mile Guest Ranch).

Travis's guiding resume includes guiding hunters to Whitetail deer, Mule Deer, Elk, Mountain Lion, Bobcat, Coyotes, Black Bear, Pronghorn Antelope, Wild Turkey and occasionally Fly Fishing for Trout. In his spare time, Travis enjoys coyote hunting, turkey hunting, trapping bobcats, fly fishing and tying flies (that don't get used much anymore!) and working on the ranches.

Travis says, ”Improving habitat on the ranches and helping with the livestock brings this whole thing full circle to me and makes me feel like I'm truly part of the big picture. It keeps me connected to the land and the animals that live here.” Travis' favorite part of being a guide is still "the hunt.” More specifically, he enjoys guiding new and or young hunters, sharing his knowledge of the land and the animals, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Travis’ commitment to preserving the tradition of hunting and providing a high quality experience for each customer is his main focus when guiding.

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Travis Flaharty
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