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Rifle Elk Hunting

Elk hunting is conducted on private land situated in the middle of one of the largest elk herds in the world (the White River Herd). The elevation varies from 7000 to8500 and the vegetation includes sage, oak, serviceberry, and aspen, as well as a variety of grasses and forbs. Water is abundant, which is a key component of wildlife habitat.

The elk we hunt are typical northwest Colorado elk consisting mostly of 4- to 6-point bulls (legal bulls are 4 or more points on one side) scoring up to around 320-330" on the top end. Our elk aren't huge but the sheer numbers are impressive.

Rifle elk hunting at Nine Mile is great! It's not uncommon for some of our hunters to actually see elk in the hundreds here during the rifle season. Rifle hunters also experience nearly 100% shot opportunity. Along with a good herd of "seasonal elk" that live here during the late summer and early fall, we are also smack dab in the middle of one of the largest migration routes of elk in the country. For those hunters who are able to walk 1-3 miles a day and shoot their rifles accurately out to 300 yards, opportunities abound. With ranches at several different locations ranging in elevation and terrain, we can assure you a good opportunity at the elk, no matter what mother nature throws our way. Hunting is spot-and-stalk in the mornings, with evening hunting conducted from shooting houses, elevated stands, or from other strategic sites. We get around in 4-wheel-drive trucks, all-terrain vehicles and on foot; no horses here at Nine Mile.

Bull elk licenses for first and fourth seasons are a draw in our hunting areas, but we typically experience 100% draw success. Second- and third-season bull licenses are sold over the counter.

Wounding Policy:
If you wound an animal (draw blood), every attempt will be made to recover the animal. If it is not recovered, then your hunt will be over.

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