Nine Mile Guest Ranch

Rifle Mule Deer Hunting

Our success rate is typically 100% on mature mule deer bucks! Mature mule deer bucks are hard to come by in this day and age, and we take pride in our mule deer here at Nine Mile. We manage our herd strictly for mature bucks. Our deer hunts are limited to ensure that plenty of quality bucks will be here for you and for hunters in years to come. Our bucks average 23"-28" with many scoring between 150" and 175." Larger bucks are possible on any day on any of our leases. Typically, our bucks are all 4x4's or better, with great mass and often a sticker or two somewhere on the rack.

We usually have a few landowner deer vouchers available on a very limited basis. Since the number of vouchers we receive is limited and changes from year to year, we encourage you to apply for preference points if you are planning on hunting deer with us in the future. If you already have preference points and are applying for a deer license for the current year's hunt, you will have to use the points and select the deer license as your FIRST CHOICE as "leftover licenses" are now a thing of the past and our access to landowner vouchers is not guaranteed. There are NO ELK landowner vouchers available to us at this time.

Wounding Policy:
If you wound an animal (draw blood), every attempt will be made to recover the animal. If it is not recovered, then your hunt will be over.

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